The Wellness Box for Mind, Body and Soul

Artisan Wellness Box for Your Mind, Body and Soul

GlobeIn is an online marketplace focused on empowering artisans from around the world to bring their handcrafted products to global markets. In 2015, GlobeIn partnered with Watsi, a non-profit global funding platform for medical treatments, to create its Artisan Box themed, 'The Wellness Box.' 

Through their subscription box and online shop, GlobeIn delights their mindful customers with crafted, distinct goods and the stories about how their artisans created them.

The Artisan Box is a monthly subscription box featuring beautiful, distinct products that support remote artisans and farmers. The Wellness Box is a unique and one of a kind package to help maintain life balance. This co-branded, curated Wellness Box included a bevy of items that supports a healthy mind, body and soul, including:

Blessing Bag, $12 – Handmade in GhanaEach Blessing Bag is lined with upcycled water sachets that would otherwise clog street gutters and landfills in Ghana. 

Eye Pillow, $13 – Handmade in PeruEach eye pillow is handmade by Shipibo artisans, a peoples found in a remote part of the Amazon River basin. The fabric is hand-woven from cotton, dyed with mahogany bark, and hand-painted using a pointed piece of bamboo using the juice of a local berry.

Baobab Superfruit Powder, $9.99 – Hand Harvested in Benin, Africa: The fruits are hand-harvested by producer families and processed by a women's co-op using age-old indigenous methods of transformation in a modern, clean facility. The money they earn provides their families with better access to health care, improved nutrition and puts more children in school.

Palm Leaf Basket, $12 - Handwoven in Oaxaca, Mexico: 
For each artisan involved, basket-weaving means a stable monthly income used for building a house, starting a small business, or purchasing food and medicine. For the people of the Mixteca region, basket-weaving is a way of life that also sustains life.

$5 Watsi Gift CardWith this gift card, GlobeIn subscribers can help support a patient's medical needs on To further health and wellness around the world, 50% of profits from the Wellness Box were donated to patients on Watsi.

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 Photo by Marianna Jamadi

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