How to Ensure Your UGGs Are Authentic

UGG Australia Must-Have Holiday Gifts_ How to Ensure Your UGGs Are Authentic

According to Experian, "UGG" was the most searched term on Cyber Monday for three years in a row (from 2012-2014), securing three of the top twelve most sought-after items during the holiday season.

"From a brand that began with the iconic Classic boot to one that now incorporates products for women, men's, kids, loungewear, outerwear, accessories and home, we are thrilled to have established a leading lifestyle brand that is giving consumers exactly what they want," said former UGG President Connie Rishwain.

UGGs has also been named one of "Oprah's Favorite Things," on numerous occasions, and the brand has consistently remained one of the top gift giving items throughout the holidays.   

The brand has built a reputation on luxury and comfort by using only the finest materials in the world, employing the highest standards of craftsmanship and delivering new and innovative styles well beyond the original sheepskin boot.  

UGG is also committed to protecting shoppers from counterfeit UGG products that are being sold as genuine. 

Thousands of counterfeit websites advertise their fake UGG products using wording such as "cheap uggs," "discount uggs," or "uggs on sale." Online auction and forums are also common outlets counterfeiters use to sell fake products. Offline, counterfeiters may host tables at flea markets or on city streets in the hope of duping unsuspecting customers into purchasing fake products.

Many consumers may not know the inhumane and negative implications the $600 billion dollar counterfeit industry has on the economy, environment and their own health. Every day, UGG works with worldwide customs authorities and law enforcement agencies to find and stop the shipment of counterfeit goods.

So, how can you ensure authenticity?

To protect consumers who are shopping for quality gifts both in-store and online each holiday season, UGG® Australia offers the following tips to keep in mind:

  • Look For Authenticity:
    • UGG Classic product is made with Grade A twin-faced sheepskin (it is one piece)
    • Counterfeit outsoles are stiff and difficult to flex or bend - UGG boots bend with ease
    • Hang tags are not used on Classic products – if you see a hang tag, it's a fake
  • Buy Only From Trusted Online Retailers: If you aren't shopping the official website or an authorized retailer, you are being fooled into buying a fake product.

The simplest way for consumers to guarantee their purchase is authentic is to check the list of UGG authorized stores and authorized online retailers. These are comprehensive lists of official UGG retailers, both online and nationwide, that consumers can trust to provide genuine products. 

Additionally, every authentic UGG product comes with a security feature contained in a reflective security label sewn into the left shoe or boot and/or security sticker on the shoebox, allowing instant authentication of genuine products.

For a visual reference, UGG has compiled an online gallery highlighting authentic and counterfeit product side-by-side, pointing out the differences and calling out tips on recognizing real versus fake UGG products. To see the online gallery, click here

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Source and photo courtesy of UGG 

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